The Developing Brains in Context Lab is part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon located on unceded Kalapuya land. This website was developed and designed by Jonny Saunders. Icons made by Darius Dan.

The developing brain is awesome

Our research investigates how the prolonged course of brain development allows humans to learn how to navigate our complex social environment. We approach our research from a life history perspective and endeavor to co-create our projects with members of the populations we study.

Science needs to be accessible to all

Our lab actively works toward removing barriers to understanding, accessing, and conducting developmental cognitive neuroscience. We make our data, tools, and scripts available. We make our papers understandable and accessible without paywalls. We host workshops and hackathons to train researchers in conducting rigorous and transparent science on open datasets. Most importantly, we strive to diversify science. This means we apply an intentional design approach to building an inclusive community within the laboratory, and also work with community members outside of the university to include their voices in the design and interpretation of research we conduct.