We’re all about collaborations in this lab, and I’m excited to share that four papers from four different collaborations have been accepted in the past few weeks!
The first is a true tour de force empirical project led by Theresa Cheng, where she brought together three different studies to investigate the impact of adversity, abuse, and neglect on adolescent amygdala resting-state functional connectivity.
The second is an empirical investigation to appear in Cortex, led by Lia Ferschmann from the PROMENTA team, investigating how cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression relate to longitudinal structural brain development across adolescence.
The third is an empirical investigation led by Andrik Becht at Eramus University, replicating some of our previous work and relating social brain development to friendship quality.
Finally, last but not least, is a review and resource paper led by Eduard Klapwijk (also at Eramus University), which was the product of a collaboration spurred by a tweet from Eduard proposing a paper full of solutions to increase reproducibility and replicability in developmental neuroimaging.