It’s been a busy start to the year and the biggest news is that Lucy (Whitmore) will be joining the University of Oregon Doctoral Program in Psychology in the Fall! Lucy and I just finished writing a brief invited commentary for a special issue of Infant and Child Development, which can be viewed as a preprint here. Several members of the lab have been involved in Brainhack for years, and now there is a publication highlighting the many many many benefits of Brainhacks to appear soon in press, but for now you can view the preprint here. I love Brainhack. And in the final news update: Karlena and Lucy had their abstracts accepted to present at the 2021 APS convention. We will post soon the details for how to view these presentations on: Perceived Social Support Predicts feelings of Gratitude for Adolescents during Social Distancing and The Role of Digital Technology Use in Maintaining Social Connections during Social Distancing. Go team!